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If you’re neurodivergent or know someone who is, you’ve probably heard the term masking.

People with ADHD will often develop a “mask” that they wear in certain situations, such as at work, which camouflages the most visible traits of the disorder. For example, they might avoid repetitive motions like leg bouncing or pen clicking because those behaviors might annoy other people, or changing their tone of voice to sound more animated.

To others, it may look as though the ADHDer is intentionally creating a social “persona” (or personas) or playing a part. But ADHD masking behavior is learned early and…

How human language can hurt your mental health

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Have you ever wondered why animals almost never get depressed, while it appears to be a common human experience? It might boil down to the fact that humans can talk.

Language is far more than a bunch of words and some rules for how to use them. It’s linked to the way we learn and the way we see the world. Words, despite being arbitrary symbols, carry meaning far beyond their literal meanings. …

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Like many moms, I’ve always dreamed of working from home.

It’s not (just) about writing in my pajamas and setting my own hours. I get that it’s harder than it looks: you have to provide structure for yourself, create accountability, keep a schedule, manage time and money, organize tasks and resources, plan and make decisions, and monitor and track it all… all without a boss hovering over you to make sure it gets done.

In other words, you need to excel at executive functioning.

Except that I have ADHD, which is pretty much defined by executive dysfunction. Contrary to popular…

It’s all about your point of view.

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It’s undeniable we can all use a dose of calm sanity right now.

We’re bored, and we’re stressed. We’re also playing a lot of video games — 64% of adults reported playing video games on a regular basis in 2019, according to ESA, and it’s certainly increased since the pandemic hit. When asked the reasons they game, the answer was unsurprising: it’s because we’re bored and we’re stressed! 80% of gamers cited mental stimulation and relaxation as the reasons they played. Initiatives like #PlayApartTogether support the idea that gaming is good for us in a time when many are still…

When life threatens to eat you alive, don’t run. Stand, fight, and win.

Person buried in papers and books reaching for life ring
Person buried in papers and books reaching for life ring
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My house is a mess.

As my eyes scan up the growing pile of laundry on the couch waiting to be folded, so rises my anxiety.

And here comes the voice in my head: “Where do I begin?”, “It’s too much!” or even a Macaulay Culkin-style, “AAAAHH!!!” before I turn tail and go hide back under my covers.

There’s a monster out there, but it’s not a laundry monster.

The anxiety of overwhelm

You can picture it: bills and papers litter your desk, dishes are piled in the sink, and there’s clutter, well… everywhere. …

The science is in: meditation can help improve mental health. So why haven’t you tried it yet?

woman sitting on a beach at sunset meditating
woman sitting on a beach at sunset meditating /

Sure, meditation at its best involves that scary thing — a habit. Like any good habit that we wish we had but haven’t gotten around to forming yet, starting a meditation practice can have its challenges. For those with mental health issues, there can be even more obstacles to overcome in terms of the motivation and executive functioning required to establish a healthy practice.

But establishing a meditation practice may be easier than you think.

Meditation is just getting its sea legs in the West, and there are still many misconceptions about how to practice it. …

Stacey Neglia

Stacey is a freelance writer who likes to write about things that make our brains and hearts work better.

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